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Are you looking for a metal carport, garage, barn, storage, utility building,  to shield your car, recreational vehicle, boat, or any other investment that needs protection then we’ve got you covered. Our business is soaring like an Eagle to serve most areas from coast to coast. Carports are our specialty, but we offer almost any type of residential and commercial buildings made out of tough galvanized steel. We will work with you through the process of choosing the right structure for your needs. At A Better Carport, we are proud to say that all of our buildings are made in the USA.

An IMPORTANT thing to think of is, that you need to decide what kind of material it is made of. Now, more people are realizing how metal buildings instead of wood are the best option available!

All of our buildins can withstand up to 65 PSF snow load and 140 MPH wind if needed. Non-commercial buildings have 3 roof styles, built with14-gauge (heavier if needed) frame and 29-gauge panels and 15 different colors to choose from. Learn More.


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Three Roof Styles

Vertical Boxed Eve
Is recommended because it is built with additional supports, and is stronger. The ribs of the roof panels run with the slope of the roof, allowing water, snow, and debris to run off easier.

Horizontal Boxed Eve
Has the ribs on the roof running horizontally, an overhang eve on the front, back, and side, plus it’s boxed in so that none of the roof bows are exposed and is trimmed out.

Regular Style
has the roof panels with the ribs running horizontally and wrap around the side.


Our regular style carports are the most economical and start at $1995

The Boxed eve style carports are very popular and start at $2,095.

The vertical roof carports are the carport of choice. They start at $2,795

Triple Wide

The triple wide has a truss roof and widths from 26’ to 30’. The standard length is 21’ long, and side wall height is 6’ but we can customize it to your needs. Clearance in the center is from 15’ to 21’ depending on roof style. Taller, and longer are also available. The triple wide units start at $2895c

Do you need your carport customized? We can add sides, doors, or windows. Maybe you want it closed in, taller, longer, or even wider, then we will build one just for you. Learn More


Metal sheds are a better alternative to wooden ones because they require little maintenance and are a great way to save on storage costs. We can build any size you need and  start at $2,095c More informartion.

Combo Utility

A combo utility unit offers the best of both worlds, with a small garage, or shed, and a carport combined. With lengths up to 41' long, It gives the added benefit of storage in the enclosed section along with a carport to protect your vehicle.The Combo utility starts at $5,250e click for more Information.


We offer a full array of garages from a small simple one to custom fully insulated shop.Garage starts at $5,800 More Information.

RV Cover

The standard RV cover is 12’ wide x 20’ long and 12’tall (13’ and 14’ are available at additional cost) and start at $2495. We also offer another type that we call the Premium style that is the boxed eve style roof, 18’ wide x 20’ long and 14’tall (wider and 15’ to 16’ tall are available at additional cost), it has a double base rail, double legs and start at $4795.  Both will give your perfect vacation vehicle years of protection from the sun and exposure to weather.More


We offer 3 different Barn styles, the Regular, the horse barn, and the straight roof styles. These barns start at $6,450e. Learn more


The basic lean-to is 12'. wide, 20'. long, 8'. sloped down to 6' (Custom sizes are available), they start at $7,250 plus sales tax.


Larger buildings from 32’ to 60’ wide, up to 20’ tall, and unlimited length are built have vertical roof, and vertical sides. Contact us

Made in the USA
Made in the USA
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Free delivery & Setup
Free delivery & Setup